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Money Stuff

When You Get Paid

All the payments are made between the 16th and the 20th of every month. The money can be released any of the days within the time period.

Please note that the release and the reception of money are two different things. How fast you get the money depends on your chosen payment method.

We only make payments that exceed $50. If you have not earned that much yet, your money will be accumulated.

If you decide to terminate your account with us, the outstanding account balance will be released to you, regardless of whether it exceeds $50 or not.

How You Get Paid

You are free to choose one of the 3 payment methods we support. You would get paid through the payment method you choose. How fast and where you get the money depends on your chosen payment method, so please choose accordingly. To get paid, you need to choose a payment method, register your own account and provide us with your payment details.

Below are the payment methods available

Payment method Fees Payment details required
Webmoney 5% Webmoney purse number
Payoneer 0% You need to register a Payoneer account using a special link in your control panel at our website.You are free to select among two available options: Global Bank Transfer and PrePaid MasterCard.

Please note that we should have your payment method information at least 4 days before the payment period starts; otherwise, you will have to wait till the next payment period. To change your payment details, you should contact us using a “Help desk” section of your profile or email us at

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